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UZIN UZ 57 NEW – Universal adhesive for all resilient and textile floor coverings

Powerful dispersion adhesive for all types of textile coverings

Packaging: plastic drum
Packsize: 6 kg, 14 kg, 20 kg
Shelf life: min. 12 months
Colour: cream-white
Consumption: 300 – 550 g/m²
Working temperature: min. 15 °C at floor level
Open time: 5 – 15 minutes*
Working time: approx. 20 minutes*
Set to foot traffic: after 24 hours*
Final strength: after 3 days*
(*at 20 °C and 65 % relative humidity)

Very low emission dispersion adhesive
For almost all textile coverings, therefore truly universal
Strong thread-formation, giving reliable adhesion

For textile coverings with synthetic secondary backings
For textile coverings with foam-, latex- or fleece- backings
For woven goods, needlepunch and natural fibre carpets
For felt-backed PVC and cushioned vinyl coverings
On absorbent, prepared surfaces
On UZIN Multibase as well as UZIN insulating and installation underlays

Easy to spread
Quick initial grab
Excellent thread-formation
High early and final strength
Interior use only

EMICODE EC 1 PLUS – Very low emission
RAL-UZ 113 / environmentally friendly, due to very low emissions

Product Data Sheet UZIN UZ 57 (view)
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