DECOCHOC is a multi-purpose wall and door covering mado of PVC. It offers protection, decoration and it is 100% antibacterial.

Dimensions: 3m x 1.30m
Thickness: 2 mm
Material: PVC (Bs2d0 fire-rated), IMO
Surface finish: lightly textured
Colours: 31
Options: cutting, thermo-bending,
Fixing: with acrylic glue*
(*joints between panels are made using silicone joints or PVC weld joints)

  • Total protection fitting all areas by providing impact resistance.
  • High level of hygiene and a decorative touch.
  • Unique textured surface hiding impacts and scratches, easy to clean.
  • Resists to 320 kg at 3 km/h impacts.
  • Non-porous 100% antibacterial material suitable for high infection risk areas.
  • Welded joints possible for perfect watertightness between panels or with vinyl flooring.
  • Resists to standard cleaning, disinfection and antiseptic products (Anios, Bioquell tests).