A Floating Floor is as the name tells a floor that does not need to be nailed or glued to the sub floor. The term floating floor refers to the way the installation is done.


 A60 Floating Floor

PAROC Marine Floor Slab 140, 50 mm

  • Product: PAROC Marine Floor Slab 140
  • Density: 140 kg/m3
  • Insulation thickness: 50 mm


Screenshot 2014-12-05 09.56.23

SeaRox SL 436, (Marine Slab 140 (1.5+3mm top steel plate))

This solution consists of one layer of SeaRox SL 436, 60 mm
thickness, covered by minimum 1.5 + 3 mm steel plate. The
construction gives in addition to the excellent properties of fire
protection, noise reduction and thermal insulation, also reduction
of structural noise/vibrations in the steel deck.

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SeaRox SL 436 (Marine Slab 200 ( 2mm steel top plate))

This solution consists of two layers SeaRox SL 480, each of 30
mm thickness, covered by minimum 2 mm steel plate, spot
welded at c/c 150 mm.