UZIN PE 460 New – 2-Component Epoxy Primer-Sealer

UZIN PE 460 is an epoxy resin primer with low odor, mainly used as a moisture barrier up to 5 CM-% on cement screeds or concrete. For interior and exterior use. Epoxy primer for damp or weak surfaces. Reliable barrier against residual moisture. Allows fast installation on cement-based surfaces, reducing waiting time and costs.

Packaging: metal combi-can
Packsize: 5 kg, 10 kg
Shelf life: min. 12 months
Colour (wet/dry): transparent / brownish
Mixing ratio: A:B = 1.9:1 parts by weight
Pot life: 25-30 minutes*
Consumption: 200-600 g/m² per coat*
Working temperature: minimum 10 °C at ground level and 3 °C above due point)
Set to foot traffic: 10 °C (21 hrs.) / 20 °C (8 hrs.) / 30 °C (5 hrs.)
Final strength: after 3-5 days*
(*at 20°C and 65% relative humidity)

For mineral levelling compounds and mortars.
As a barrier against moisture up to 5 CM%.
For surface hardening of ”worn out” screeds.
On moisture-resistant substrates requiring renovation.

Around 20 % faster cure.
Reduced odour during application.
System component in PAH decontamination.
Interior and exterior use.

EMICODE EC 1 PLUS – Very low emission.

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Uzin PE 460 New Installation