Uzin NC 172 BiTurbo – extremely rapid drying self-levelling compound for fast installation with the Level Plus Effect for virtually all areas of use, all substrate types and at any thickness.

Packaging: paper sack
Packsize: 25 kg
Shelf life: min. 6 months
Required water quantity: approx. 6 – 6.5 litres per 25 kg bag
Colour: dark-grey
Consumption: approximately 15 m² per mixed unit at 1 mm thick
Minimum working temperature: 10 °C at floor level
Ideal working temperature: 20 °C
Working time: max. 15 minutes*
Set to foot traffic: after 60 minutes*
Covering-ready for textile, and PVC coverings, linoleum, caoutchouc: accessible to traffic after 60 minutes*
Covering-ready for wood flooring, cork and PO floor coverings: after approx. 12 hours*
Fire classification: A2(fl-s1) acc. to DIN EN 13 501-1
(* at 20 °C, 65% relative air humidity and a substrate temperature of 18 °C)

Extremly rapid drying and no primer required in most cases, fast and cost-saving.
Very smooth surface finish, therefore lower adhesive consumption and no grinding needed in most cases.

For fast installation of e.g. all types of textile coverings, PVC/cushioned vinyl, PVC design flooring, linoleum, rubber sheet and tile coverings as well as ceramic tiling and natural stone.
For installation of wood flooring, polyolefin and polyurethane floor coverings after a drying time of 12 hours.

Without Primer
On existing surfaces in need of renovation, e.g. over old, dense, well-bonded, waterproof synthetic resin, Neoprene, bitumen or dispersion adhesives, on new chipboard V100 or OSB boards – when soundly screw-fixed as well as on new mastic asphalt.

With Primer
On absorbent substrates, e.g. cement screeds, calcium sulphate screeds or concrete, old terrazzo, ceramic tiling and natural stone, on old mastic asphalt and as a scratch-coat on bituminous concrete and cold pitchmastic.

Hydraulic setting.
No primer required in most cases.
Easy to rub down during initial cure-phase.
Very smooth surface finish.
Easy adhesive application and up to 10 % lower adhesive consumption.
For interior use only.

Solvent-free. Low chromate content. EMICODE EC 1 R PLUS – Very low emission.

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