UZIN KE 66 – fibre-reinforced rubber flooring adhesive.

Rubber tiles with no tented joints

Packaging: plastic drum
Packsize: 14 kg, 6 kg
Shelf life: min. 12 months
Colour: cream white
Consumption: approx. 280 g /m2
Minimum working temperature: 15 °C on floor
Ideal working temperature: 18–25 °C on floor
Open time tiles, planks: 5–10 minutes*
Open time sheet coverings: 15–25 minutes*
Laying time: approx. 10 minutes*
Set to traffic: after 24 hours*
Final strength: after 3 days*
Welding /sealing joints: after 24 hours*
(*at 20 °C and 65 % relative humidity)

Fibre adhesive for rubber tile flooring
Hard adhesive ridges, ideal for coverings with low dimensional stability.
Fibre-reinforced = fast and no pressure-marks, increased reliability.

For rubber tile flooring (up to 4.0 mm).
On prepared surfaces with good absorbency.
For normal wear use in commercial and project work.

Very low consumption.
Short open time.
High dimensional stability.
Interior use only.

EMICODE EC 1 – Very low emission.

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UZIN KE 66 installation