Tek-Dek Custom Panels (pre-welded sheets) are a superb alternative to wooden decking that can be applied to almost any surface including GRP, steel and timber. Its flexible composite structure makes it impressively non-slip and this feature continues even when the deck is running in salt water. Ideal for either DIY or boat builders, Tek-Dek can also be supplied in easy to handle welded sheets. A craft knife and adhesive spreader are the only other tools required. Its unique dovetailed under structure creates both an adhesive bond and equally importantly a mechanical bond once the glue has cured. This locking of the adhesive insures that the Tek-Dek remains firmly fixed down for life, yet still allows the boat to flex naturally. Tek-Dek, while almost indistinguishable from its traditional timber forerunner, features the kind of benefits that sophisticated scientific and production technology can provide.

Appearance: Colour fast pigmenting and in-built ‘graining’ are totally convincing. Combine this with the fact each strip actually includes its own dark ‘caulking’ edge and the end result will look like something laid by a traditional craftsman.
Simplicity: The average ‘handyman’ will be fully able to install completed panels. For those wishing to be more involved a simple craft knife is all that is required to cut your own shapes from pre- welded sheets.
Application: Lay the Tek-Dek panel in place. Spread the adhesive (just like tiling) with a notched spreader. Lay the pre-cut joined decking back down, firming down as you go.
Durability: Unlike wood, Tek-Dek requires no further oiling, varnishing, sanding or scraping. Cleaning is simple and can be achieved using adhesive removal wipes.
Life: Tek-Dek is fully UV stabilised and since it is coloured throughout its thickness will retain its classic appearance for many, many years.

Thickness: 5.5/6.0mm
Weight: 6kg/m²
Material: Virgin flexible PVC compound (containing UV stabiliser and outdoor grade pigments)
Shore ‘A’ Hardness: 83
Specific Gravity: 1.40

Tek-Dek DIY panels are hot welded together and carry a five year guarantee. They are available in any size rectangle for you to cut to your own required shape. Approx. 1.3kg of adhesive will be required to stick down each square metre of Tek-Dek.

1. synthetic teak-standard


2. synthetic teak-red


3.synthetic teak-cool


4.synthetic teak-weathered


5.synthetic teak-blue