Founded in 2007 JSC „Adrijus” is a specialized company offering all types of flooring solutions for marine industry. We are located by a non-freezing port of Klaipėda, Lithuania. Company is proud being a local leader of marine floor installations providing full package: floor installation services and a wide range of IMO certified materials.

Many clients have trusted JSC „Adrijus“ because of our professionalism, competence, skills and ability to work with marine projects all around Europe: in The Baltic States (Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia), Scandinavia (Norway, Sweden), Spain, Germany, Poland, Russia etc.

We have a strong team of managers, project coordinators, mobile goups of working personnel who are ready to help You whenever it is needed. Knowing the specifics of ship construction market with precise labor productivity timing, guarantees, material certificates – JSC „Adrijus“ will provide best service for a very competitive price.

JSC „Adrijus“ in most projects includes supply of materials with floor installation services. Minding that we are willing to offer human resources only – menpower for long-term and short-term projects. Our works can be evaluated based on hourly rate or by pricing per amount of works done. We will adapt to a required work schedule on regular week days, weekends and night shifts. For more information contact us at any time by phone or e-mail.


  • A30, A60 types
  • Plywood
  • Antivibration floor
  • Primering
  • Hydro-insulating
  • Self-levelling layers
  • Smoothing
  • Adhesion/glueing

  • Epoxy / polyurethane paint and floor coating
  • Vinyl flooring in rolls, tiles and planks
  • Synthetic marine teak
  • Stock range and special design carpets
  • Non-slip rubber/caoutchouk tiles
  • Technical stone tiles / marble tiles
  • IMO cert. marine deck covering tiles
  • Underlays

  • Handrails
  • Vinyl wall coverings
  • PVC wall protection
  • Boat pierce decking